Park New Haven Donates Abandoned Bikes

Abandoned bikes from New Haven’s Union Station find new life through ‘Bikes for Kids’ program

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — (March 7, 2013) — Park New Haven, which maintains and manages over 8,000 public parking spots across 7 garages and numerous surface facilities in Downtown New Haven, is pleased to announce the recent donation of 60 bicycles to charity Bikes for Kids, a non-for-profit organization that refurbishes and distributes bicycles and helmets to youth in communities in need, including New Haven.

The 60 abandoned bikes had been left unclaimed by customers at New Haven’s Union Station Transportation Center for more than 6 months, after which time Park New Haven was contacted by David Fowler, President for the Bikes for Kids program based in Centerbrook, CT and the donation was arranged.

“Giving back to the community at large has been a tradition of Park New Haven, and the opportunity to donate these unclaimed bikes, to give back to kids in need, especially those right here in our own city was a desire of Bill Kilpatrick, and we are happy to help make that a reality.” said Park New Haven Acting Executive Director, David Panagore. “Bill found a great charity, Bikes for Kids, to step up and agree to take these bikes, make repairs and get them in the hands of children who can enjoy them for years to come.” added Panagore.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Bikes for Kids has donated back over 14,000 bicycles to kids all over Connecticut since its inception in 1989. Last year alone, the organization was able to deliver over 1,000 repaired bikes and new helmets to children in need in New Haven and across the state.

“We’re so grateful to Park New Haven for donating these bikes. While some need repairs and attention, our team of volunteers will get these back in working order and ready to ride by the kids in the Elm City and other communities in need across Connecticut,” said Fowler.

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