Park New Haven Officially Opens New “Green” Surface Parking Lot Downtown

Parking Authority Cuts Ribbon on State-Trumbull Lot, First Certified Green Parking Lot in New England

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — (October 28, 2016)— Park New Haven, which maintains and manages over 8,000 public parking spots across 7 garages and numerous surface facilities in Downtown New Haven is pleased to announce the opening of the new State-Trumbull Parking Lot.

The lot, located on State Street in Downtown New Haven, was built with the environment in mind, and is the first parking lot in not only the state of Connecticut, but all of New England to be certified “green” by the Green Parking Council.

“Adding the new State-Trumbull Lot to our system here in the Elm City is a testament to the dedication the City of New Haven has to protecting and enriching the environment, all while solving our transit challenges and making the parking experience even better for those who visit, live or work here,” said Doug Hausladen, Acting Executive Director, Park New Haven. “Our Board led by Chairman Tony Bialecki, as well as Mayor Harp have been steadfast in their support of this project from day one, and we couldn’t be happier to officially open to the public the first certified ‘green’ parking lot in New England here today,” added Hausladen.

The State-Trumbull Lot will help to serve the businesses along the State Street corridor, as well as
businesses in the central business district of Downtown New Haven. In addition to the lot’s
environmentally friendly “rain garden” to trap and re-circulate rainwater, the State-Trumbull Lot also
features 2 EV Charging Stations, and a bike rack. The facility will be used for monthly parking customers
with Park New Haven.

For more information on Park New Haven and the State-Trumbull Lot, please visit