Park New Haven Supports Black History Month

[New Haven, February 2024] – The New Haven Parking Authority, dba Park New Haven, is proud to recognize the contributions made, and legacies left, by Black Americans to our organization and to the service of the people of the city of New Haven. Black leaders have helped build and shape the United States of America culturally, economically, socially, and politically for a successful future for our country.

As Black History Month comes to an end, it reminds us of the importance of the accomplishments of Black Americans, including our Park New Haven team members, Chief Operating Officer Sammy Parry, Board Chair Norman Forrester, and Commissioner Member Larry Stewart.

In 2021, Commissioner Stewart led the New Haven Parking Authority to initiate a bold change in its procurement for Capital Construction Projects, setting and achieving ambitious goals for local participation and small business enterprises (SBE), especially those owned by minorities (MBE), women (WBE). Thanks to the work of Commissioner Stewart and staff, NHPA eliminated “Good Faith” efforts in order to hold general contractors accountable in Community Participation performance. NHPA has since awarded millions of dollars of well-earned revenue to economically distressed groups of contractors helping to close the wealth-gap in America, particularly the gap experienced by Black-owned businesses. Our latest Community Participation for 2022 highlights the program’s successful outcomes as percentage of total contract:

  • MBE – $1,776,842 or 21.7%
  • WBE – $667,397 or 8.1%
  • All SBE – $2,460,223 or 33.8%
  • New Haven – $2,924,300 or 35.7%

The NHPA is an active member of the Minority Construction Council and assists other businesses, agencies, and governments in creating as much economic opportunities as possible. This month, we celebrate the continued creation of economic opportunity for Black Americans through our program. We must continue to honor and remember the achievements made by Black Americans and continue the fight for justice and equality for every American. NHPA stands ready to assist others in meeting their Community Participation goals. 

For more information, go to the Park New Haven website at or contact Executive Director Douglas Hausladen at 203-946-8930.