Park New Haven Unveils Two New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Westville

Parking Authority launches expanded charging service together with EVConnecticut & Westville Alliance

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — (December 16, 2015) — Park New Haven, which maintains and manages over 8,000 public parking spots across 7 garages and numerous surface facilities in Downtown New Haven is pleased to announce the expansion of their Electric Vehicle Charging stations with the addition of two new stations at the Whalley-Blake Public Parking Lot in New Haven’s Westville neighborhood.  With these additional charging units, Park New Haven now boasts 15 EV Charging Stations system wide at both garages and surface lots across the city.

“I am not only thrilled that we’re expanding our services and amenities for our parking patrons, but also that we’re doing it in a eco-friendly, economical, reliable way with the expansion of our EV Charging Station program here at Park New Haven,” said Doug Hausladen, Acting Executive Director, Park New Haven. “We’re proud to be adding to Connecticut’s clean energy future and promoting electric vehicle use here in the Elm City,” added Hausladen.

Funding for the new charging stations was provided in-part through a grant by EVConnecticut. The program is a partnership between the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Department of Transportation which collaborate to introduce more electric vehicles into the state. In total, there are currently over 400 publically-assessable EV Charging Stations all across Connecticut.

“We are pleased to provide funding to Park New Haven to grow Connecticut’s ever expanding EV charging infrastructure,” said Rob Klee, Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection. “Together we are making EVs a more viable choice for many drivers, which is moving us down the path towards greater energy independence and a cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy future for everyone in Connecticut.”

The Whalley-Blake Lot has long been a true asset to the Westville Village community in New Haven, providing convenient, accessible public parking close to shops and eateries in the neighborhood. Park New Haven hopes that the addition of Electric Vehicle Charging services will ensure that the lot remains a valuable asset for years to come as motorists and the cars they choose to drive evolve.

“We are proud and thankful of our continued partnership with Park New Haven to make the Whalley-Blake Lot into an ever-greater asset for the Westville community and for visitors to the Village,” said Chris Heitmann, Executive Director, Westville Village Renaissance Alliance. “These EV-charging stations were identified early on as a key improvement to the lot for the growing number of electric car owners in the area, many of whom are current and potential customers to our local boutiques, salons, galleries, cafes and restaurants, and we’re excited to see them up and running so quickly.”

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