Parking Customer Satisfaction at All-Time High in 2014

Park New Haven Receives High Marks on Customer Service, Safety of Facilities

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — (January 21, 2015) — Park New Haven, which maintains and manages over 8,000 public parking spots across 7 garages and numerous surface facilities in Downtown New Haven, is pleased to announce the results of a system-wide analysis of customer service at various facilities.  The independent study which measures the customer satisfaction of parking patrons at Park New Haven garages and lots assesses such factors as attendant service; financial accuracy with payment transactions; the garage signage; and even security, is conducted on a monthly basis. Over the 2014 calendar year, the numbers have steadily increased at each facility and in each category assessed, pointing to the organization delivering an overall superior customer interaction and service year-on-year from a year ago in 2013.

“Our charge by the Board of Directors and City Hall when I came into this position a year ago was to help usher in real change in the way our customers and visitors to our city see and utilize our parking assets,” said Park New Haven, Executive Director, David Panagore. “Through advancements in our overall brand presence in the market, the way in which our staff manages each facility, and improvements in training and physical enhancements to our garages and lots, we’re proud to have reached this level of superior customer satisfaction. It’s truly a ‘feather in the cap’ of our outstanding staff, in all departments, system-wide.”

Contributing to the improvements in overall customer satisfaction, Park New Haven has invested $3.5 million back into the facilities in the past year, adding customer-friendly amenities from new electronic payment kiosks, to newly updated easy-to-read signage and better lighting, and even new elevators at the Crown Street Garage.

In addition to high marks when it comes to customer service and improvements at facilities citywide, Park New Haven also reports a strong commitment to security and safety, citing an over 22% decrease in crime, such as theft and break-in’s at garages and lots. Improved efforts of adding nighttime security officers, a new night watchman system at all garages, and an overall increase in the viability of security personnel at all facilities, have combined to make security at Park New Haven garages and lots the best it has been in recent memory.

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